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Whether you are a home or business owner looking for an efficient minimalistic  glass balustrade installation, Shower Solutions is here to help.

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Shower Solutions takes great pride in delivering high quality frameless glass balustrade systems for properties that need a more modern look. Whether you are a home or business owner looking for an efficient minimalistic  glass balustrade installation, Shower Solutions is here to help. All our glass balustrades are either manufactured from SABS and SAGGA Approved Grade A 12mm thick or 15mm thick toughened safety glass depending on installation specifications. All our hardware is manufactured from high grade brushed or polished grade 316 stainless steel.

We offer 3 designs:

Top Mounted BalustradesSide Fixed Balustrades and Recessed (Groove & Grout) Balustrades.

Top and Side Mounted Balustrading applications are drilled and fixed with a heavy duty 12mm threaded rod, which is then fixed into permanent position using quickset chemical epoxy.

With the Recessed ( Groove & Grout ) application, an aluminium channel is recessed into the area where the recessed glass balustrading will be positioned OR the builder builds a cavity for us to position the glass. Quickset Dura Grout is then poured into the channel or cavity which then sets to concrete consistency.  

In addition, our 1200mm high frameless glass pool fencing solutions define durability and are built to withstand even the harshest conditions. Our glass pool fences are professionally installed with a self-closing hydraulic mechanism and provides an uninterrupted view of your pool.

There is a one year full guarantee on all products supplied and installed. There is an average leaf time of 15 working days from date of acceptance.

Cape Town's favourite frameless glass balustrade installer

At Shower Solutions, we transform homes and offices modern-day masterpieces. We specialise in providing top-of-the-line, custom-made, frameless glass solutions – offering superior quality at unbeatable prices.

21 years of experience

Tens of thousands of installations

1 year guarantee on material & workmanship

Frameless glass shower with toilet partitioning
Design, manufacture and installation of customised frameless glass shower together with customised black hardware/ fittings. We are very happy with the impeccable level of professional service and the product which Lance Greef and the Shower Solutions team provided. Highly recommended!
chris o'connor shower solutions review
Chris O'Connor
We have used Shower Solutions for the second time and can highly recommend Lance and his team. They are efficient and always deliver on their promises to install and deliver! Very important when one is installing shower glass in a B&B when time is of the essence! Thank you Lance, David and team!
Terry W-Baker
Lance was very prompt and courteous when coming out to measure and quote. We are thrilled with the installed product, exactly what we wanted. There was a slight delay in the installation due to no fault of Lance but he managed it incredibly professionally. David and the installation team were great to work with. Accurate, efficient and a pleasure to watch. Well done - we’d certainly recommend this Company.
Graham Priest

Over 21 years of quality frameless glass installations

Shower Solutions partners with top suppliers to provide high-quality, custom-designed frameless glass products, such as showers, balustrades, and doors. With years of industry experience, their specialized team ensures seamless installations that align with any bathroom vision.

High-quality glass and materials

Experience the brilliance of our top-grade glass and fittings that promise lasting durability, stunning clarity, and high-performance resilience – epitome of luxury and elegance in your bathroom.

Affordable and competitive pricing

Dream showers shouldn't require a luxury budget. Our commitment to competitive pricing ensures you get an uncompromising blend of quality and style that fits comfortably within your financial plans.

Qualified and experienced team

Our skilled team, backed by years of hands-on experience, executes each project with meticulous attention to detail. Trust in Shower Solutions for an assured, premium quality finish, every time.

Timely manufacturing and installation

We understand the value of your time. That's why we guarantee rapid, efficient manufacturing and punctual installations – delivering your dream bathroom without unnecessary delays, always on schedule.

Before you choose another installer, check the following:

You can feel confident in our frameless glass and hardware as we only partner with suppliers and manufacturers who supply and manufacture glass and hardware of the highest tested quality. Since it’s an entirely custom job, we know that you’ll have a shower that fits within your bathroom design, no matter what you envision.

In addition, all of our shower installations come with a one-year guarantee on material and installation.

Our services primarily center around high quality frameless glass, whether for frameless showers, frameless glass balustrades, glass doors, framed showers or similar glass products.

As our business specialises in frameless glass, our team comes with many years of experience within the industry, and we have pretty much seen it all and installed it all.

Most frameless shower doors ordered from us will be manufactured in 8mm thickness. If you’re going to exceed standard heights and widths, we offer frameless shower doors at 10mm or 12mm in thickness. This is to ensure they abide by industry norms.

We manufacture all of our frameless glass shower enclosures from SABS tested A Grade glass and ensure we abide by SAGGA guidelines. That means you can have your custom bathroom shower door without breaking any of the rules. 

Mandated by law and safety guidelines we use toughened safety glass for showers. Toughened Safety glass within any shower is essential and has a special production process. This glass is made through a specialized process which involves controlled high temperatures or treatments in a special tempering oven. It doesn’t just stop there, but takes the extra step of having intense air pressure applied. This process causes it to be compression-based glass instead of tension-based glass, making it five times stronger than a normal untreated piece of glass. Hence why tempered glass itself is sometimes known as safety glass. 

Keep in mind, in the very unlikely event that this type of glass does break, it will break into tiny little fragments for safety reasons.

Once the glass has gone through the toughening stage, there are no additional modifications, cuts, resizes, or drilling that can be done to it.

At Shower Solutions, we aim to be your one-stop shop for everything related to showers and frameless showers. From crafting the shower glass ourselves to designing frameless glass showers to meet bathrooms of all shapes and sizes.

We want you to know that since we provide the end-to-end solution for glass showers, we make sure to treat every single one of our customers as a unique client with their own needs. Whether they’re looking for a frameless glass shower, a walk-in shower, or something in between.

In fact, it truly is unique because every time we get an order to make any type of glass shower, it’s going to be completely custom made to fit your needs and your style. As a result, we build some of the best Cape Town showers you’ve ever seen and are proud of it. We’re especially proud of our Frameless Glass Showers and how durable we make them.

Frameless glass showers enable your bathroom to have a modern and seamless look. This is due to the glass connecting to the walls and floor without any bulky framework. This effect gives your bathroom shower a sleek feel that looks exquisite and refined at the same time.

It’s developed into our most popular selling option. Added to that you’ll receive the high quality of standards we have with all of our projects. So you’ll be getting a shower that not only looks great, but will be built to last. with your new bathroom.

We bring all the measuring equipment needed, from a traditional measuring tape, to levels, straight edges, and the like to make sure the vision of your shower can become a reality.

Once a design is agreed upon, we crunch all the numbers, finalize the details and send you a very favourable quotation. On acceptance, we then go into manufacturing mode and prepare all the necessary components for your shower. Finally, the glass is fabricated, and all the other pieces are gathered and ordered as is needed.

Once all items are ready, our consultants will contact you to schedule a time for installation. Then the magic happens. Our team of expert frameless shower installers arrives and installs the final product.

There are a few steps to get to that finished product when starting the ordering process for a frameless shower.  The Shower Solutions consultation is free of charge, and we recommend an onsite visit. We think it’s most suitable as it helps our consultants to give immediate recommendations and feedback on what is and isn’t possible. For example, if walk-in showers are on the menu or whether to enclose the area, depending on the design layout. 

 If you’re in the process of remodeling  your bathroom completely, it’s vital that you complete all tiling first.  This is to ensure that all measurements and levels are accurate. Even a few millimeters off may have a shower not fitting correctly.

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